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A Prisoner's Confession
I was being shuffled down a hall. Everything looked like ten miles of grey. Deserted walls, with only a few lined-up, silver cacti delineated each impact of my every step. The cuffs were too tight and I felt my skin splitting. Not seeing it though, it didn't hurt; and my kindly shepherd -a prison guard- led me safely through the grey valley (not of death). Neither of us smiled, nor said a word and we didn't dare blink.
My prison cell was engineered for the sensory deprivation of a lonesome prisoner like myself. It was bland; blander than all the other cells, for a more specific purpose though—one which I will leave to the imagination. My bench played as a theatre seat, as my thoughts; my memories of my 'crime' played against the plain, white, halogen lit wall from my bloodied mind. I saw, in pristine, caustic clarity the fear which I had hidden until now. I had feigned courage and was seen as a hero in the eyes of many. No one had seen my true self. I wouldn't let myself weep thou
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Freezer Burn
Freezer Burn
A walk home through a brisk, chilled winter breeze lends an affirmation of the senses. It whispers loneliness and peace in a flurried consciousness. It is this existential ecstasy which frightens the soul from it's sullen burrow, and out from hibernation. It brings the mind into a heightened bliss, able to escape the drudgery of shattered ice and watch all the world bend to the confines of an easy puddle; while walking along the rippled sky beneath leaden feet.
The bitter winds bite at the shins like a dog's rabid tooth, breaking and tearing down through frozen-brittle bone; flesh bleeding not blood, but life and all its blue rapture of hope and hopelessness.
To hear the last heave of breath from the satisfying crackle of a thirsty leaf; the long-parched veins crushing into a gossamer lace of brown and worlds beyond sight within dew pearls. To hear that is to yearn for life.
This is the quest, of which we all seek with trodden eyes- for that glimmer of purity-- the dust of
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Gaia Neue Suite :iconfratrip:fratrip 343 128 Mass Effect N7 :iconmattbrett:mattbrett 23 2
The Greater Evils of Christ
The Blood Thirst and Greater Evils of Christ
To achieve a greater understanding of the world, its societies and the common issues that face them, one must be comfortable with the fact that there is no polarity, no sole perpetrator of evil that is causing all the world's ills. There is no devil, and there is no messiah; all humans contain a certain duality (that allows them to perform great acts of selflessness and still remain corrupt, despicable people). All people across the world have the ability to control their disposition towards or against positive progress, and all actions committed by all peoples will benefit some and harm others. While this may be true, there are still key players of positive progress and great figures of evil and oppression. In my studies, I have found that the most influential force of the world's acts of inhumanity and cruelty has been bathed in praise since his fictive birth. My studies have found that, far surpassing Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, G
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Computer hardware poster 1.7 :iconsonic840:Sonic840 2,800 504 Varuna Wallpaper :iconsupersampled:supersampled 647 48 Ion Blue - Horizontal :iconmorningstar3878:morningstar3878 2 2 Purple Sapphire :iconmorningstar3878:morningstar3878 6 2 Jesus Yeti :iconthe-funktopus:The-Funktopus 82 59 Inherited Hell :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 8,414 672 Animator vs. Animation :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 170,818 39,174 Archaeogalea :iconnyctopterus:nyctopterus 827 104 Hymn for the Wretched :iconxmegalopolisx:xMEGALOPOLISx 1,197 129
A Fat Man in Los Angeles
        While farmers in the Midwest are harvesting corn, feeding the United States and then some, the people of Los Angeles, California are primping their hair and consuming as little food as possible in the hopes of losing those troublesome extra three pounds. Hollywood was built by beautiful people - for beautiful people; and most of the inhabitants would perform an all-out slaughter in order to keep living conditions the way they are. Those of mediocre bloodline with a mediocre income and a mediocre frame are the greatest enemies of the greater L.A. area, aside from inefficient pla
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Everything is making sense
Everything is making sense!
Even not making sense
Makes sense
Because sense is nothing
But suspense
We add to our lives
To add confidence
In our decisions
In our emotions…
Finally everything is making sense
Because sense
Is nothing
But a lens
We use to frame
This mystery
We call…
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I've been away from DA for quite some time. The distractions have been plentiful and enjoyable. Just after a short thanksgiving break, there was a freak winter storm that halted much of Western Washington and left many to their own devices. School was out for several days.
It just so happened that during this winter storm, I had gotten Flight Simulator X. A truly exquisite piece of software that took up much of my time during those white ridden days. Snow is not my prefered precipitation; which I attribute to my being from California.

After the wintry week, I went back to school and joined my fellow students in the game of pedagogical catch-up to try and compensate for the wasted time. There was much homework.

But finally I have some time for my more typical distractions. I currently have 119 messages and 137 new deviations to see on Deviant Watch. So there's plenty to do.

  • Listening to: Computer hum
  • Reading: Cosmos by Carl Sagan
  • Watching: Ugh, television
  • Eating: Just had dinner


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United States
Current Residence: Lynnwood, WA
Favourite style of art: 3d modeling, Vector graphics.
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Ubuntu Linux
Shell of choice: Bash
Wallpaper of choice: I can never choose...
Skin of choice: Epidermis
Personal Quote: You know your god is man-made when he hates all the same people you do.


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We would be delighted if You would like to participate!

The goal with the book is to create a "portfolio" with lots of different peoples and style around the world.
To spread inspiration and give people a chance to see their pictures in print.

Please spread the word about this initiative :)
netsui Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2008
I apologise for the slow reply. It has been awhile since I have looked through my profile page on this website.

If you are still accepting contributions to your "portfolio" book, I would be more than happy to participate.

You can email me at: and let me know what you need and I will be sure to give a much swifter reply.
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